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Joyful Volunteering
by Gail Small

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adventures in joyful living, joyful volunteering, and joyful education  
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Gail with students in St. Kitts
On the island of St Kitts Gail spoke to audiences of all ages


Gail Small champions joy! Her books and presentations provide valuable insight on the power of choice to guide joyful living.

Gail Small is an innovative and highly respected educator. She is a Fulbright Memorial Scholar, author of six books, People to People Ambassador, and a dynamic keynote speaker.

Ms. Small's passion to help others reach their full potential led her to write her first book, Joyful Learning: No One Ever Wants to Go to Recess!

Gail's dedication in giving back and making a difference led to her new book, Joyful Volunteering.

Gail having fun with students in Japan
After sharing about Choices and Joyful Living, Gail having fun at lunch with students in Japan

Gail Small visiting kids in the Dominican Republic
After giving a speech, Gail got a little lost in the lush Dominican Republic countryside. Local village children guided Gail to the correct path


What happens when words and pictures come together??? We've all noticed the talent of illustrator David Endelman. I've been intrigued by his magic. I am happy to announce that Valentines 2006, my favorite time of the year, brought us together as husband and wife. - Gail Endelman Small

PS: Dave's new book Different Signs: Cartoons from Sign Garden is now on Amazon.


Making a Difference

ISBN 1-889467-30-8

A book about incredible experiences in the vast world of volunteering. Real life stories of volunteers are shared that will move you, inspire you, and re-energize you! Volunteers are making a difference and this book provides key insights about volunteering at its best! Discover the path of the volunteer and explore the joy of volunteering.

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Gail Small

Another book by Gail~
JOYFUL PARENTING: Before You Blink, They’ll Be Grown
is a book for parents, grandparents, and educators to encourage children to look at the world with creativity and opportunity. Ms. Small’s words enlighten readers to stay tuned—the best is yet to come!

    Updated August 15, 2020