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Author of books on joyful living, joyful volunteering, and joyful education  
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Books by Gail Small


These books by Gail Small are available from:
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Joyful Parenting Book

JOYFUL PARENTING: Before You Blink, They’ll Be Grown
ISBN 1-57886-275-2 A book for parents, grandparents, and educators, to encourage children to look at the world with creativity and opportunity. Ms. Small’s words enlighten readers to stay tuned- the best is yet to come!

Joyful Learning Book

JOYFUL LEARNING: No One Ever Wants To Go To Recess!
ISBN 0-8108-4743-4A collection of real life experiences from 33 years of teaching. The excitement and enthusiasm are contagious. An enjoyable read that is inspiring while sharing innovative teaching methods.

Spelling Bee and Me

THE SPELLING BEE and ME: A Real Life Adventure in Learning
ISBN 1-57886-257-4 This book documents the real-life story of co-author Kendra Yoshinaga, a young speller who won her first qualifying bee at the young age of nine. The words jump off the pages as the illustrations by David Endelman enliven a story for young children with a detailed guide for parents, coaches and teachers of spellers at all ages.

Big Squeal Book

THE BIG SQUEAL: A Wild, True, and Twisted Tail
ISBN 1-57886-256-6 A true, heart-warming story told in “catchy” rhyme with a meaningful message that is an entertaining reading experience for children. A bonus companion guide offers adults how to inspire children to read, make reading fun, and a special part of daily life. Co-authored with Joanne Scaglione and illustrated by David Endelman.

Lifes Little Lessons Book

LIFE’S LITTLE LESSONS: An Inch By Inch Tale of Success ISBN 1-57886-336-8 A delightful and humorous story about a caterpillar named Cyrano and his misadventures. He discovers that he and only he is in charge of his own happiness. A guide for adults to share the message that life has twists and turns, ups and downs and we can accomplish anything. Co-authored with Joanne Scaglione and illustrated by David Endelman.

Articles & Stories by Gail Small
Chicken Soup Dreams and Premonitions
Fall 2015:"Banking On My Inner Voice" is Gail's true life story about insight and listening to your inner thoughts. This is featured in the just released Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Resolutions Book Cover
December, 2008: Gail has unique stories and contributions in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Resolution. This book features "No" and "To See The World" by author Gail Small. This book shares heartwarming, healthful, and humorous resolutions… and how they turned out! As a contributor to this book, Gail Small provides her personal experiences about successfully realizing goals and setting meaningful priorities.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kids in the Kitchen
October, 2007: Gail has creative stories and contributions in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kids in the Kitchen. This popular book in the best-selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series features "Sandwiches to the Rescue" and "Milk and Cookies" by California writer Gail Small. The book also includes kid-friendly recipes, safety and cleanup tips, and food-related activities. Gail was on television on a cooking show with the author: Master Chef Antonio Frontera.

Also, published in:

  • Home Life Magazine - featured article 2007- Being an Ambassador
  • Fandangle Magazine - 2007 - Gifts in Life
  • Fandangle Magazine - 2006 - Poetry
  • California Home Schooler - 2006 - Who Would Have Thought That Spelling Can Be Fun! (Gail was a speaker at the state convention in Sacramento)
  • Home Life Magazine - 2006 - To BEE Your Very Best
  • Valley Scribe of the California Writer's Club - September Morn




Gail's Featured Book:

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

ISBN 1-889467-30-8

A book about incredible experiences in the vast world of volunteering. Real life stories of volunteers are shared that will move you, inspire you, and re-energize you! Volunteers are making a difference and this book provides key insights about volunteering at its best! Discover the path of the volunteer and explore the Joy of Volunteering.

Joyful Volunteering
now from:

Joyful Volunteering Book
2060-D Avenida de Los Arboles, #590
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
$15 + $5 Postage and Handling.
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Guess What???
The Spelling Bee and Me: A Real-Life Adventure in Learning Gail wrote with Kendra Yoshinaga when they went to Washington D.C. for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The book came about when Kendra's younger brother Kai discovered that a spelling bee isn' t about playing musical chairs or bees buzzing in Washington, DC.

The true story written especially for children describes the fun and adventure of what really happens at the National Spelling Bee. David Endelman's illustrations give an insider's view of the spelling bee experience.

Also included is a step by step account of preparing for a bee with academic tips, techniques, and hands-on learning activities.

The inspiration for THE BIG SQUEAL: A Wild, True, and Twisted Tail is in Gail's book JOYFUL LEARNING: No One Ever Wants To Go To Recess! It is a true story based on a memorable and hilarious day during her 35 year teaching career.

LIFE'S LITTLE LESSONS: An Inch By Inch Tale of Success was inspired by Jhayne M. Eddy and A Father's Heart Executive Committee of the Wealth of Nations Foundation whose philosophy is, "Everyday is a new day which gives us a new opportunity to shape a child's life."

Something Magical!
Several readers have commented on Jason's amazing and wonderful true story as told in my book, JOYFUL PARENTING: Before You Blink They'll Be Grown. Read about Jason Latimer, World Champion of Magic, and enjoy his words quoted in Chapter 11, Things Happen For A Reason. Jason is an inspiration!