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 Gail Welcomes the World!

Talks, Presentations, Seminars, and Consulting on Joyful Volunteering, Joyful Living, and the Power of Choice

Gail Small knows how to motivate people from all walks and stages of life. If you want to rev up your creativity, your quality of relationships, your ability to make choices that will bring you greater happiness, or to do more to help others, then catch a seminar or presentation by Gail Small. She will move you!

Ms. Small is the perfect speaker for adults, teenagers, and kids. Every talk is customized to her audience. Popular presentations by Gail include:

- Joyful Volunteering
- Joyful Choices
- Joyful Creativity
- Joyful Learning
- Joyful Parenting
- Joyful Travel
- Joyful Writing
- Joyful Animals

Ms. Small's "Joyful" series of books are the basis for her talks and seminars. Gail is certified in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Lead-Management with the prestigious William Glasser Institute. A common thread in all of Gail's talks is the role of "choice" in joyful and creative living. Dr William Glasser, the originator of Choice Theory, has endorsed all of Gail's adult books.

With her book Joyful Volunteering, Gail is enjoying speaking about volunteering and celebrating volunteers at volunteer appreciation events.

Gail Small with Joyful Volunteering Book

Her message of joy is irresistible to all. Contact us regarding Ms. Small speaking at your next engagement or training event.

Ms. Small Goes to Antarctica

Gail Small and Antarctica Penguins

Wow - North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and even Antarctica!

Gail is excited to have completed her quest of visiting and experiencing all seven continents. Her dream and longtime resolution came true as she explored Antarctica! Gail reports, "It was truly a life experience!"

Walking among thousands of penguins and being with international scientists was beyond anything I ever imagined. Seven layers of clothes kept me warm as did the warmth of the experience and the chatter of the penguins, my new friends.This experience and message was featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Resolutions.

Where has Ms. Gail been lately?

Speaking internationally! What a joy to share thoughts on volunteering, choices, self-esteem, creativity, and international destinations to audiences of many far-away places around the globe.

International Experiences

2019 - Gail lectured on the journey of Peru and Chile.

2019 - Gail & Dave shared tandem lectures on Alaskan and Canadian ports - including history, geography, & cartography.

2019 - Gail & Dave presented on the Islands of Hawaii and all related.

2019 - Costa Rica - “pura vida” - Exotic scenery, animals, nature and environment.

2019 - Colombia land of beaches and Andes presentation.

2019 - Tandem lectures on Panama Canal - The connection of the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.

2019 - Gail shared her love of Jamaica - Mountains, beaches, rainforests, reggae and even Rastafarianism.

2018 - Asia enhancement presented in lectures experiencing the Far East.    

2018 - Gail shared talks of Cuba and Discovering Ernest Hemingway.

2018 - Gail’s returned to help voyagers understand the unique pirates of the seas.

2018 - Gai & Dave lectured on Canada during river travel throughout Canada and the Great Lakes.

2018 - Highlights of Canada and Alaska by Gail.

2018 - Exploring the Caribbean - An Ultimate Guide

Summer 2018 - Gail shared Highlights of Denmark, Finland, and Sweden on a Baltic cruise.

Summer 2018 - The Enchantment and Drama of Russia was Gail's favorite topic to passengers about to embark in Russia.

Summer 2018 - How Vikings Changed the World was Gail's presentation including the history and interesting stories.

Summer 2018 - Once again Gail & Dave will share tandem lectures on Alaskan and Canadian ports - Featuring maps, voyages and significant port descriptions.

Winter 2017- Gail & Dave shared enrichment lectures about piracy, the Caribbean and signs of piracy.

Summer/Fall 2017 - Gail & Dave shared tandem lectures on Alaskan and Canadian ports - including history, geography and cartography.

Spring 2017 - Gail presented on pirates and the journey of islands in the Caribbean ~ with a special feature of her take on the Women Pirates!

Throughout 2016 - Gail & Dave shared enrichment lectures on Australia and the Far East, Scandinavia and numerous ports throughout the Caribbean.

Fall 2015 - Gail & Dave tandem lectured on the History and Culture of Alaska including the Ports, Passage and Famous Explorations.

Summer 2015 - Gail spoke on the Journey to Northernmost Norway, the Magic of the Arctic Circle and the Viking Spirit.

September 2014 - Gail lectured on the journey from Baltimore, Maine to Halifax, Canada.

July 2014 - Gail shared with audiences: The Wonder and Intrigue of the Bahamas and Caribbean Culture.

June 2014 - Gail lectured on the traditions, tales, and the people of Alaska.

Summer 2013 - Gail spoke in the Mediterranean on the Enchantment of Italy and Ports of Inspiration. David lectured on Exploring the Mediterranean Through Cartography and Famous Explorations of the Mediterranean Sea.

Spring 2013 - Gail presented on Destinations of the Caribbean.

January 2013 - Gail lectured on Exploring Argentina and the Magic of Chile. Dave spoke on Oceanography, Cartography and Geography.

October & November 2012 - Gail spoke on highlights and exploration of Asia and Australia. Dave spoke on Oceanography, Cartography and Geography.

February & March 2012 - Gail addressed cruise audiences on the topic of Creative Writing.

December 2011 - Gail spoke in the Caribbean, “An Ultimate Guide to the Caribbean.”

Fall 2011 - Dave spoke as a Naturalist on a French Polynesian Cruise.

October - November, 2011 - Gail delivered a six lecture series on the Caribbean, “Secrets of Caribbean Culture.”

March 2011 - During a voyage of six Caribbean islands, Gail spoke on a five lecture series on the theme of “The Magic of the Caribbean."

July 2010 - Gail returned to China as a People to People Ambassador.

June 2010 - Gail spoke in the Caribbean on the topic of Caribbean destinations, culture, and personal experiences.

April 2010 - Gail & Dave presented Destination talks in An Ultimate Guide to the Caribbean.

February 2010 - Gail lectured on Goal Setting, Resolutions and Choices in Australia and New Zealand.

August 2009 - Gail & Dave returned to Europe to speak on Destinations in Europe.

May 2009 - Gail presented on creative writing and "thinking out of the box" in Bermuda and the Caribbean.

March 2009 - Gail went to the Caribbean to lecture on tropical destinations.

February 2009 - Gail & Dave spoke in the Canary Islands and Morocco. (See them below riding donkeys through a Moroccan oasis)

Gail and Dave spoke in Egypt, Turkey, and the Greek Isles in November 2008.

Gail and Dave on a  camel  in the Sahara  Desert

Gail was a People to People Ambassador to Japan in July 2008.

In May 2008 - Gail and Dave spoke in the Baltic capitals.

Gail lectured in New Zealand and Australia in April 2008.

February 2008 found Gail speaking in the Caribbean.

In December of 2007 Gail spoke throughout Asia including China, Japan, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Singapore and Thailand.

In November, Gail spoke in Mexico.

Gail traveled September & October of 2007 speaking in the Mediterranean.

Gail brought in the New Year 2006 and 2007 giving inspirational and motivational talks on international cruise ships.

Gail conducted a seminar on Choices at the William Glasser Institute in Japan.

International seminars at sea on creativity and exploring writing techniques.

People to People Ambassador to Austria, Australia, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Scotland, Sicily, Wales and Washington DC.

TV and Radio

Gail was featured April 21, 2011, on Lillian Brummet's Conscious Discussions, the international talk radio show that celebrates individuals from all over the globe who are working to make the planet a better place.

Gail was interviewed on WomenSpeak with Dr. Nancy O'Reilly on February 28, 2011. Dr. Nancy hosts Real Life Learning as she talks with experts who empower and motivate women to enjoy life's journey.

On the Total Education Hour, February 11th, 8pm PST. 88.3FM, Gail was part of a round-table panel about home schooling.

Gail was a special guest January 24, 2011, on Gertrude Chapman's Your Turning Point show on BlogTalk Click on this link to hear the Joyful Living iinterview focusing on volunteering and choices.

LIVE Radio on KMED in Oregon. Once again a featured guest on The Dianne Linderman Show. Discussed international travel and being an ambassador.

On February 8, 2007, Gail returned as a featured guest on the award winning hit television talk show KidsTalk Productions. Voices of Tomorrow airs on Channel 6. Her topic ~ Being an American Ambassador. (Previously Gail was featured on the television segment, "Let's Cook Up a Storm" with Master Chef Antonio Frontera.)

Special guest on the highly popular show A Night of Insight for KIRN 670AM - A two hour radio interview with host Arjang Zendehdel.

Joyful Volunteering and Joyful Living Presentations

2019 - The Power of Choices in Life was the topic on international cruise ships.

2019 - Gail & Dave explored Creativity in small group workshops on a cruise ship.

2019 - Dave & Gail - Creativity - Out of the Box - We All Have Some!

February 2018 - Joyful Choices was the theme when Gail presented at Temple Etz Chaim in Thousand Oaks, CA.

February 2018 - Joyful Living and Giving was the topic when Gail presented at University Village in southern CA.

January 2018 - Gail spoke to the Trinity Church of Thousand Oaks on "The Art of Making Powerful Choices in Life."

February 2014 & 2015- Gail shared volunteering and valentines when she will led members of Conejo AAUW in a special community event.

Spring 2013 - Gail shared with the Key Club engaging high school students of the Conejo Valley in meaningful concepts and experiences.

Spring 2013 - Gail participated in theThousand Oaks High School Give Back Game event.

February 19, 2013 - Gail presented to Soroptimists on Volunteering, Choices and Joyful Living.

February 5th, 2013 - Gail shared the gift of volunteering when she will led participants of the Conejo community in a special valentine event.

December 1, 2012 - Gail was the featured speaker in Downey, CA, for a Joyful presentation to librarians and volunteers.

November 17, 2012 - Gail was the guest speaker on Joyful Living to an AAUW audience and the community of Westlake, California.

March 28th, 2012 - Gail was the featured speaker at the Southern California Friendship Connection.

January 19, 2012 - Gail began the New Year speaking on Joyful Living for the members of "JOY" at the First Christian Church of Thousand Oaks in Fellowship Hall.

September 10, 2011- Gail introduced the positives about service and women making a difference at the AAUW annual breakfast held at the Hyatt Westlake, CA. (American Association of University Women)

September 6, 2011 - Gail was the keynote speaker for OWLS at St. Julie Parish, Newbury Park, CA - The Joys of Volunteering!

May 1, 2011 - Gail was a featured author at the LA Times Festival of Books at USC.

April 15, 2011 - Gail was a featured speaker at the Business Expo at Moorpark College Performing Arts Center. She spoke on the path of becoming an author, choices, and the role of creativity.

On January 26, 2011 - Gail was the Keynote Speaker at the Volunteer Ventura! Summit.

January 11, 2011- Gail spoke at Kiwanis Club of Calabasas-Agoura.

January 3, 2011- Gail was the guest speaker at University Village, Thousand Oaks, California, which is affiliated with California Lutheran University.

June 2010 - Gail spoke on "The Joys of Volunteering" at Leisure Village in Camarillo, California.

May 2010 was a book launch event for the newly released, Joyful Volunteering: Making a Difference.

March 2010 - Gail spoke on Creative Inspiration for Women's Artistic Network Speaker Programs.

Gail returned November, 2009, to speak for ORT in Camarillo, California. This time the topic was the "Joys of Life"

Guest speaker at Ventura County Volunteer Coordinators Council, October, 2009.

"Hot Topic ~ Joyful Volunteering" was the name of a presentation given to United Way of Ventura County, Camarillo, in the Fall of 2009.

Special Events Speaker for William Glasser Institure West Region Conference on the topic of The Joys of Children.

Keynote speaker at HOBY Conference. HOBY is an international Youth Leadership Program founded by Hugh O'Brian. Dr. Albert Schweitzer inspired Hugh O'Brian to reach young people to empower them to attain their highest potential. The HOBY motto teaches students, "How to think, not what to think."

April 2009 - Gail was the keynote speaker and spoke on "Joyful Choices" for the Women In Leisure Services Seminar in southern California.

Judge for Time Warner Cable creativity contest, titled "Time 2 Seuss"

People to People World Leadership Forum Facilitator in Washington, DC.

Attended Scripps National Spelling Bees in Washington DC.

Literacy for a Better World Fair - Author presentation in Los Angeles, CA.

Guest author for Read Across America in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Presentation to "Father's Heart" Father's Day Weekend.

Speaker in Calabasas at Full Circle Learning special event: See Tomorrow Through the Eyes of Today's Global Youth.

Celebrate the Family Conference - Ventura, CA. Gail presented "Bringing Quality Into Your Parenting."

Educational Venues

Read Across America 2015 featured Gail as the guest author and story reader for the national reading celebration at Ladera Elementary School in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Gail brought in the New Year 2014 giving a talk in Agoura Hills about A Joyful Guide to Making and Keeping Resolutions.

Spring 2013 - Gail was the guest speaker on the topic of Joyful Volunteering at the Conejo Open Classroom Leadership Magnet program in Conejo School District of Ventura County. For details go to page 7 of this newsletter.

Summer 2012 - Gail participated in the Power in Occupation Selection and Flexibility focus group in Ventura County put on by the Ventura Country Commission for Women.

March 10, 2012- Gail spoke at California Lutheran University at the Brighter Horizons Math, Science and Technology Conference.

October 12, 2011- Gail was a speaker on parenting for The Los Cerritos Middle School of Conejo Valley PTSA Expert  presentation.

As an Educational Consultant, Gail was a guest on The Total Education Hour, WRCT 88.3 FM in Pittsburgh and on Blogtalkradio.

Gail presented on the "Joys of Creativity and Writing" for the Ventura IWOSC satellite at the Sherwood Country Club.

Gail was the guest presenter at CSUN - California State University Northridge.

Gail led the AAUW Daytime Literature Group in a discussion about Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise by Ruth Reichl.

Gail was the speaker for PIE (Partners in Education) at the Pleasant Valley Christian School, Camarillo, CA.

Gail spoke to students and staff on "Creative Writing and Spelling" at Ladera Elementary School in the Conejo Valley.

Gail participated in the Moorpark College Service Fairs to encourage volunteerism. The college dedicated the academic year 2009-2010 to being a Year of Service.

Guest speaker at Pierce College on Choices and Positives.

Engaging seminar at California State University Northridge, CA, exploring the secrets of teaching and parenting. Celebrating Gails's book, Joyful Learning!

Presenter on Choices to California Lutheran University graduate students.

Speaker at University of California Santa Barbara on Choices.

Speaker at California State Conference - Home Schooling.

Twice guest speaker for Reading Night at Walnut Canyon School in Moorpark, CA.

Spoke in Hawthorne School District on literacy and the joys of teaching!

Spelling, Motivation and Enrichment presentations with multi-aged students at Open Classroom, Conejo Valley, CA.

Lennox School District -
Author presentation and a special ~ first ~ Spelling Bee!

Conejo Valley Elementary School assembly in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Acacia Elementary School in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Gail Small visits a school in Macon, Georgia.

November, 2009 - Gail was the featured speaker in Macon, Georgia, at Morgan School on the topics of creativity, writing, choices, and the Joy of Learning.

Other Inspirational / Motivational Lectures

February, 2015, Gail spoke locally to a woman's group, the View, about her Joyful Encounters with Animals on all Seven Continents.

Gail spoke Oct. 30th at the United Way and Ventura County Community Foundation kick off of Green Initiative.

Guest speaker at Healthy Start, Los Angeles, October 2009.

January, 2009 - Gail spoke for Ventura County Writer’s Club at Borders, Thousand Oaks, featuring a fun look at writing and how to start out the new year...writing!!!

Ernst & Young - Working Mother Keynote Speaker for multi-state broadcast.

Phi Delta Kappa - Spoke on What's Working in Families & Schools in Ventura County.

Featured speaker for the Woodland Hills Woman's Club.

Speaker for Writer's Showcase for California Writer.

National League of American Pen Women in southern CA.

Featured speaker to ORT members in Camarillo, CA.

Presentation at AAUW Annual Breakfast.

Parenting seminar in Simi Valley, CA.

Guest Speaker at Pacific Regent in La Jolla, CA.

Guest speaker for American Association of University Women.

Book Signings

Book Signing for Joyful Volunteering: Making a Difference at Mrs.Figs' Bookworm in Camarillo, CA

Book signing at Barnes and Noble in Westlake, CA.

Book signing at the San Fernando Valley Community Spelling Bee held at St Bernadine's Church in Woodland Hills, CA.

Story presentation and book signing at Borders in Simi Valley, CA.

Barnes and Noble in Westlake, CA, gave a sendoff and good luck to Kendra Yoshinaga as she and Gail left for the National Spelling Bee.

Russo's Bookstore in Bakersfield, CA.

Twice appeared at Storyopolis in Studio City, CA.

Appeared twice at Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop in La Verne, CA.

The new Westwood Library in Los Angeles.






Gail (2nd from right) ready to cheer at the Rose Bowl in 1969. Her energy continues in her writing and speeches. She is proud now to be honored each year at the university for the spirit she shared at CSUN.

Gail spreading cheer

What's New with
Ms. Gail

Gail has always had a passion for lighthouses. Since a child she has explored their history and lights. "If only thety could talk!" she says regarding all that transpires on the seas and at lighthouses throughout the world. Gail's new talk includes her colorful international lighthouse pictures along with stories of amazement and facts that she loves to share.

Joyful Encounters with Animals on Seven Continents is Gail's enriching presentation. This delights all ages and audiences with Gail's exciting animal experiences in her ongoing journey thoughout the world.

Gail participated in the William Glasser Association International Conference. She shares talks on Choices and how to bring joy into your everyday life.

Celebrate the gift of giving time! Gail has designed exciting opportunities to learn and experience the joy of volunteering.

Contact Gail for ideas and possibilities about volunteering opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations.

Gail spoke on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. She shared the joy of volunteering, communicating and learning. Her audiences included educators and counselors, parents, and high school students. Her message was featured on local media, including radio and television.This was a special experience for Gail in her quest to share her joy of learning and joyful living.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gail and Dave in New Zealand. Will speak next in the Caribbean.

Gail and Dave enjoy lecturing on major cruise lines.

Gail & Dave

Gail and Dave's recent lectures:

  • The Art of the Baltic
  • Baltic Ports and the Journey
  • Discovering Vikings
  • Russian Legends and Destination
  • The Legends, Lore and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Exploring the Far East
  • The Journey of Alaska and Canada
  • The Midnight Sun and Summer Solstice
  • The Magic of the Arctic Circle and Antarctica
  • The Art of Making Powerful Choices in Life
  • Joyful Encounters with Animals on Seven Continents
  • Discovering Ports of Call

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gail continues to consult and speak at conferences, schools and other venues to create enthusiasm on volunteering, choices, writing and joyful living.

Gail is certified with the William Glasser Institute in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead-Management. She is available to consult and share her knowledge of these principles and concepts.

Gail shares her joy and energy towards the ongoing spirit of CSUN. Welcomed as a special guest on campus, she was amazed and excited about the growth of the university and thrilled with the education and excellence. Gail is a member of the CSUN Alumni Association. (California State University of Northridge)

To see a video of Gail speaking about Dottie Heitz and the Granny Girl legacy, click here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gail Small presents on Joyful Living


“Citizens of the World”

Dave and Gail continue lectures of discovering and sharing the adventure of how unique and special this world is!

Hopefully, the pandemic will behind us and we will return to the seas of exploration and life.

Gail's fascination is featured in her talk - A Look at Lighthouses as Beacons of Stories and Ideas.

Explore Traditions, Tales, and the People of Alaska and Canada will be presented on a coming voyage.

Cuba and Discovering the Ernest Hemingway Connection will be Gail's lecture as an author who has studied his literature and life.

Gail shares The Joy of Animals in her world presentation ~ Joyful Encounters with Animals on all Seven Continents.

Gail is lecturing to varied audiences about how choices can and do make a difference. It is also about relationships!

Reality Therapy and Choice Theory with Children is the topic when Gail will be the guest speaker at a southern California university.

Gail will lecture locally on Joyful Travel.

Tandem lectures on Panama Canal - The connection of the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean

Hawaii and the magic and history of the islands and their lore

The continent of Asia and the Limitless and Varied Experiences

The California Coast by a California Girl

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gail Wishes a Successful Year to the Open Classroom of Conejo Valley!

Gail was one of the founders when this program began and she celebrates the history and initial goals and dreams continuing to reach children who are all unique and special.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gail Climbing Mt. Fuji...

Gail climbing Mt. Fuji


A Magical Moment in the Caribbean

Gail Small and double rainbow in the Caribbean

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